About reACTIV Laser Systems

About reACTIV Laser Systems

reACTIV Laser Systems is the manifestation of a world class laser systems manufacturer, conceived by Adam J. Nelson. His passion for knowledge, nurtured over many years in Service, Management, Product Development and Sales was the catalyst for building a superior laser manufacturing company.

Adam envisioned a laser partner that offered a more personalized and comprehensive solution, with a "one size does not fit all" state of mind. Standard equipment often falls short of expectations, but a collaborative and informative partnership ensures the development of a superior, often modular solution. His deep knowledge of the technology coupled with a commitment to exceeding customer expectations is core to the exponential growth of our U.S.-based business.

A key differentiator is contract manufacturing within the company portfolio. This enables customers to grow into their laser system while providing the process improvement that comes from it. In addition, utilization of the latest technology sustains an intimate working knowledge and ensures qualified reactive support for evolving customer requirements. Each project comes with its own unique needs, which is why we consult closely and in-person with our clients to determine their exact goals to ensure a quality result. We deliver robust industrial laser systems with the best tools, features, and industry-leading technology — all at a cost that works for your business. We enable our customers to quicken ROI, increase product output, and continue to grow their production profitability.

A culture of constant improvement within a growing team and more than 85 years of experience is...


"Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working as an equipment supplier and customer. As an end user of lasers for marking, 2D/3D engraving, and laser texturing, I have great insight to the customer perspective. Working through and understanding the customer experience has also given me a very high level of respect for the trust customers place in their vendor partners. I believe that strong partnerships are formed through three crucial steps: listening, following through, and meeting commitments."

Adam Nelson

CEO & Owner

Adam Nelson

Adam Nelson, CEO & Owner

Meet the Owner

Building his career from the ground up in the laser technology industry, Adam Nelson has had the luxury of being exposed to all aspects of this business and technology. He first began in field service and customer support and had the opportunity to learn the core and fundamental aspects of the technology. That experience, coupled with formal education in electronics and computer science, has been the foundation on which Adam has built reACTIV Laser Systems.

After working in customer support, Adam moved into project and custom equipment management. There he had his first experience offering laser equipment solutions to solve core needs within the customer’s manufacturing environment. This sparked Adam’s passion for partnerships and problem solving. After spending several years in this area, he moved fully into sales, working on turnkey and custom laser equipment solutions for customers throughout North America. Like his time in customer support, this gave him a wide breadth of experience in American manufacturing. The depth of technologies and variety of process equipment and capabilities continued to feed his passion for bringing solutions to customers.