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Laser Etching with Scan Head Technology Scan Head technology is a core piece of industrial lasers. The scan head generally runs along two axes, each powered by a galvanometer, a small and precise motor. They are positioned adjacent to each other, one in the X plane and one in the Y plane. Together, they position…
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laser engraved mold cavity

How reACTIV’S Laser Engraving Services Support the Healthcare Industry

  The Project Recently, reACTIV had the opportunity to engrave a set of 32 molds that were made ...
Gear cogs machinery

Annual Laser Market Review & Forecast: Lasers enabling lasers

Let’s cut to the chase: the key drivers for the laser market in 2017 were consumer electronics devices ...
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Outstanding Laser Industry Results for 2017

Every once in a while, since 1986, I have misjudged the annual market for industrial lasers—2009 was one ...