How reACTIV’S Laser Engraving Services Support the Healthcare Industry

laser engraved mold cavity


The Project

Recently, reACTIV had the opportunity to engrave a set of 32 molds that were made for a packaging company that works within the healthcare industry. This precise type of mold engraving comes with a quick turnaround time with premium quality and was the perfect cost-effective solution to their needs. The reACTIV mindset is to be your service provider, as well as provide those in the industry with the technology they need to succeed. As a standard, we always respect our customer’s needs and always deliver faster.

The Process

The 32 mold cavities that were expertly engraved by our technicians were designed for medical packaging to hold various types of fluids and can be used by several different types of medical liquids and products. The reACTIV Laser team used industrial fiber lasers for the engraving to add the customer branding, other required features like a small recycling label, and cavity ID numbers that couldn’t have been done as quickly or as cost-effectively without our precise laser equipment. We utilized 5 Axis fiber lasers and expanded on an existing mold that the client wants to further develop upon because of the impact of COVID-19 to increase the production of medical products.

Thanks to our laser engraving technology and processes, we are always able to cut down manufacturing turnaround time while still providing our high-quality products. This is especially relevant to the mold building/tool and die community because it vastly improves the existing manufacturing processes.

The Importance of Laser Engraving

The industrial fiber lasers used allows us to complete projects in ways that you can’t accomplish with conventional mold making technologies. We can do these types of manufacturing projects faster and cheaper than other standard machines (like milling machines) that can’t provide the exact resolution and detail that our lasers can. Our technology is also more efficient and more capable than traditional methods of manufacturing.

Laser engraving technology is frequently used in the medical realm and it plays an important role in presenting the exact types of measurements and tools necessary. As the medical field continues to advance, there is an increased need for higher quality tools and improved instruments to better serve patients. As new ways of treatment are discovered, the stakes are raised when it comes to quality and precision. As with any industry, accuracy is a priority, but in hospitals and medical facilities, we prefer to err on the side of expert level quality to better the lives of patients and medical professionals.

That is why reACTIV uses the laser technology that we do, but did you know that you could use the very same technology in your shop too?


Our job shop acts both as an opportunity for industry professionals to learn with demos and process improvements and as a way to get exposed to new types of machinery within a variation of industries. Contact us to learn more!

engraved mold

The reACTIV Difference

Too many laser companies focus on one thing: the product. And while the product is important, we strive to focus on the complete picture. That all starts by building relationships and understanding your customer needs. As customer satisfaction is the driving factor, reACTIV Laser has a solid foundation of long term customer partnerships by consistently delivering products and services centered around the most up to date laser technology. With offerings of engineering & consulting, laser marking services, laser engraving services, and turn-key laser systems built around the needs and demands of each customer’s manufacturing environment, we have the laser solutions and services to meet today’s manufacturing needs.