OEM Laser Systems for Integration

  • Scan head based laser systems

  • Air cooled solid state fiber laser technology

  • Control features for integration to any automated environment

  • Small system footprint

  • Universal laser mounting system for easy mounting & adaptation to any automated system

  • Single phase power requirements


Freestanding Industrial Workstations

  • Scan head based laser system mounted to programmable Z-Axis positioning system

  • Optional overhead X/Y gantry positioning system or X/Y cross table

  • Programmable control of motion system and laser system with a high level of accuracy

  • Numerous optional features for unparalleled configurability

  • Configured to customers needs and manufacturing environment

Rotary Dial Industrial Workstations

  • Standard 2 position rotary dial

  • Fast rotary cycle time for 99% production uptime

  • Customer definable table size

  • Table offset tracking


MOTF - Marking on the Fly Laser Systems

  • Optional air cooled fiber laser or Co2 Laser systems

  • High speed scan head for precision marking while product is moving through production

  • Job processing directly on system controller for industry leading on-the-fly speeds

  • Real time part tracking

  • Positional correction for crisp high quality laser marking with no character distortion

Laser System Options

  • IR 1060 nM fiber laser source or Co2 source

  • Lens selections with field sizes from 4" x 4" to 36" x 36"

  • Single to multiple axis integration

  • Rotary indexers for cylindrical products

  • Customizable software

  • Customizable machine frames for parts up to 8,000 lbs top load

  • Manual or automatic system doors

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