Laser Engraving and Laser Ablation Services

2D Laser Engraving

2D engraving is a method that uses the Z-plane direction to engrave material With the lasers high pulse energy. 2D Engraving is commonly used us weapons, arms, molds, dies and many more products.


Watch back Picture - a personalized watch with engraving given as a service award for a long time employee.


Round Insert Picture - a sample of a mold insert with with reACTIV Laser icon logo.  This would be exemplary of a mold insert for an injection mold, blow mold or thermo-formed mold product.  

2D Laser Engraving

Rifle Receiver Picture - Fire arms engraving of the manufactures logo along with model, caliber and serial number information on a lower receiver.


Gear Picture - A gear custom engraved to commemorate a local business

2D Laser Engraving

Examples of product personalizing and product identification for manufactured goods


Knife Picture - A knife laser engraved as a gift to commemorate the Eagle Scout milestone


Threaded Adjuster Picture - Machined parts for a gear adjustment assembly laser engraved with part number and lot number information for tracability

2D Laser Engraving

Round Mold Insert Picture - A sample mold insert for a cap closure mold with reverse engraving.


Forming Die Picture - A hardened forming die with engraving around the radius of the die for product certifications, identification and branding

2D Laser Engraving

Square Electrode Picture - A graphite electrode laser engraving with a "1 PETE Recycle" logo.  Laser engraving offers the ability to create shapes and features in the graphite that is traditionally more difficult and 5-6 times faster than traditional milling processes.


Rectangular Electrode Picture - A copper electrode with  logo laser engraved.  Laser engraving giving the same advantages as with graphite, but in copper material.

2D & 3D Laser Engraving

Thread Insert Picture - A common thread insert for injection molding of plastic bottles.  The cavity ID was laser engraved in the middle of the thread insert in reverse


Sample Round Mold Insert Picture - A sample mold insert with 2D and 3D engraving of features.  This showing a 3D "star burst" feature and "EDM" logo with a textured finish in the floor of the engraving