Industrial Laser Marking and Etching Services

Laser Anneal Marking

For products that cannot be damaged or have material removed, but need a permanent and lasting mark.  Laser anneal marking is the best option.  This process adds heat to high carbon steels, such as tool steel or stainless steels. This darkens the area where the laser interacted creating a permanent black marking.

Stainless Steel Ash Tray Picture - A stainless steel ash try custom co-branded with anneal marking.

Rescue Tool Picture - A self rescue tool with custom engraving and annealing.

Plastics Marking

Plastics Foaming

  For plastic materials, laser foam marking is an option that will use laser beam   absorption to create part identification or product branding.


Yellow Plastic Tag Picture - showing the plastic foaming process to create an ID number on this agriculture tag


Plastics Carbonizing

  Unlike laser mark foaming, carbonizing is the best option for plastics if the   material cannot be damaged in any way.


Ammo Magazine Picture - a polymer rifle magazine custom engraved with a customer logo

Coating Removal

During this process, laser energy is focused and absorbed by a coating on the surface, which results in vaporization of the coating with minimal effect to the base material.  Used with powder or wet paints, anodized aluminum, steel with black oxide and countless other coatings.


Painted Tumble Picture Picture - Power paint removal on an insulated tumbler


Rifle Receiver Picture - Cerakote paint removal on a custom barreled action

Laser Marking

Various samples of these processes


Sample Grouping Picture - A grouping of samples including anodized aluminum (red), a graphite electrode (with recycle logo, PETE), a clear aluminum nameplate and hardened hot stamps.


Plastic On / Off Lever Picture - This is an example of a plastic component with "ON" and "OFF" laser marked