We do what it takes to build ongoing relationships with our customers rather than simply selling them a product, learning about their needs, so we can better solve their long-term problems through our products and services. 

reACTIV Laser Systems

reACTIV Laser Systems core business is supplying industrial laser systems for manufacturing related to laser marking, engraving, cutting and welding.  In addition to that we offer a wide range of services for engineering support, process development and contract laser processing services for customers not yet ready to bring laser technology into their manufacturing system.

Fusion welding

Laser Marking

For alloys, composites and polymers that need a permanent and lasting mark, but cannot be damaged, Laser Marking is the most efficient and consumable free process.


Laser Ablation Processes

Whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional, if you call it engraving or etching you are looking to Ablate material. Laser Ablation is the process of removing or dissipating material by melting or vaporizing that material with intense laser heat.


Laser Welding

In a high-volume production environment for alloy or composite materials the using laser for welding is highly efficient.  Both fusion and filler welding processes are all possible and add levels of efficiency, accuracy and repeatability to the process.


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers a level of accuracy and quality far greater than industrial fabrication is accustom do. From highly accurate laser cut implantable devices or electronic lead frames, Laser Cutting offers a final product that dimensionally correct and requires little to NO post processing.


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