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From OEM Industrial laser components to standard laser systems all the way to custom integrated solutions. reACTIV Laser Systems is your experienced partner.

OEM Industrial Laser Components for Integration

  • Marking, Engraving, Cutting & Welding

  • 2D & 3D High Speed Scan Head Laser Technology

  • Broad Range of Wavelength and Power Available (Application Dependent)

  • Single Phase, Air Cooled Solid State Fiber Lasers

  • Advanced Control Modules Provide Flexible Integration & Automation

  • Compact Universal Mounting Systems

  • Accurate Axis for Part or Laser Positioning

  • Vision Guided Beam Positioning

  • Powerful Full Feature User Friendly Software (Data & Error Logging)

  • Experienced Engineering and Service Support

Standard Industrial Workstations

Flexible and Modular in Nature These 2D & 3D systems meet many customer needs.

  • Bench Top or Floor Standing Manual Load/Unload

  • Programmable Multi Axis Positioning Workstations

  • (Gantry & X/Y Cross Table)

  • Rotary Dial - Parallel “Load/Laser” Process efficiency

  • Conveyor and MOTF (Marking on the Fly) Solutions

  • Robot ready for Manual & Unattended Operation

  • Rugged Industrial Workstations Tooled and Customized for Turnkey Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Let 85 years of experience strengthen your team.

Custom Industrial Laser Systems

When Standard Workstations Fall Short, We Take an “On Site” Collaborative Approach with Customers to:

  • Thoroughly Understand the Existing Production Environment

  • Clearly Identify & Document Expectations, Current and Future

  • Develop Your Process to Ensure a Robust Dependable Solution

  • Provide Price Competitive System Solutions for Seamless Integration

  • Support Installation, Training and Trouble Free Operation for years to come.

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